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45 RPM Jukeboxes

New and used 45 rpm vinyl jukeboxes for sale including coin operated models for home or business. These jukeboxes can play your old classic collection of 45 rpm records. They are available in vintage and modern style cabinets to fit into any game room and each holds up to 100 records. They are perfect for 45 record collectors who want a easy way to organize and play their music collection.

wurlitzer 1015 45 rpm record jukebox The Wurlitzer 45 RPM Vinyl jukebox was the most popular round top jukebox of all time and is now being meticulously reproduced by the company who originally brought it to you in 1946, Wurlitzer Corporation. Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of it's 8 bubble tubes, while a "kaleidoscope" of colors flow through the translucent front plastic columns. It's the 50's all over again when the changer flips the CD right down in front of you on this antique One More Time jukebox. The handcrafted quality of these classics is a tradition we proudly continue. This classic would become a highly prized family heirloom as it provides entertainment within your home game room or because it is a fully functioning commercial jukebox, it will produce high income and add style to your place of business.

The Wurlitzer One More Time Vinyl 45 rpm Jukebox combines the design of the classic Model 1015 with today's technology. The cabinet itself is identical to our One-More-Time CD model. It has a capacity of 50 45 rpm records (100 selections) and plays them all on a high quality Shure magnetic cartridge. Get that old collection of 45 rpm records of yours out and put them on your new Wurlitzer vinyl jukebox or order classic sets of 45 records below.

Features include:
Amplifier has 200 watts of music power (500 watt amp also available.) It has an automatic level-control function and electronic overload protection.
Six speakers in a 3-way stereo system deliver superior sound quality.
Internally illuminated rotating color cylinders combined with the bubble tubes (illuminated glass tubes with a never-ending supply of rising bubbles) create a very unique and memorable lighting effect.
Dimensions: Height 59.8inch / Width 32.1inch / Depth 25.2inch / Weight 346lbs Power supply: 120VAC, 60cps.
Optional deluxe infrared remote control with selection buttons and off/on control is $250.00 extra.
Optional bill acceptor is $400.00 extra.

New Wurlitzer One More Time Vinyl 45 rpm Jukebox
Price $6,995.00 plus shipping and handling. Call us at 985-845-7146 to get a shipping quote and to order this jukebox.

used blue rowe 45 rpm jukebox Used Blue Rowe 45 RPM Jukebox $1,495.00 plus s&h.
used rust rowe 45 rpm jukebox Used Rust Rowe 45 RPM Jukebox $1,495.00 plus s&h.
45 rpm record sets45 RPM Record Sets
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